Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First Up

So I've applied and got an offer to do some volunteering overseas through Australian Volunteers International (AVI).

It's in Papua New Guinea, roundabouts Lae - which is the 2nd largest town (I use the word advisedly) in PNG. About 85% of the population is still rural/outside metro - mostly highlands.

Right now (18th July actually), there's around 1-2 months before I leave. A long-ish list of things to get done and organise pre-leaving, but one should now be out of the way - getting this little blog thing up and working.

I'll try and post up the job description at some stage of what I'm off to - but in short it's a Finance & Administration job with the Anglican Church (incl. health workers, but excluding teachers apparently), with approx 250 employees.

I'm off now to figure out what this Pidgin thing is!