Monday, August 01, 2005

So where are you going again?

Papua New Guinea - it's just to the north of us here in Oz-Land, home of the convict.

PNG has quite a history, it makes for some good reading... Here is one recent Age opinion article to check out... but there are a number of better histories out there.

I've been surprised by just how many 'links' to PNG there are in Australia. I mean, there's always going to be the colonial, WW2, provincial links to the Aust. machine - but on a more personal level - LOTS of people have been there.

Nan & Pop (most recently ex-Brisbane) spent many years there, and my Mum & Dad had their honey-moon there... serendipitous perhaps? (is that the right word?).

Anyways, yes, I'm going to PNG. It's North of Australia. Will try and figure out how to link in photo's with this post... Hmm...