Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some pics

from that trivia night a whiles ago...

Still here...

Just (feeling!) too busy to get anything down on paper! Monday of next week will be the first time in 2+ weeks that I will not have house guests. Having people around is great - but sometimes (when it's sooooo busy during every day) you need some quiet time away from it all.

So - Provincial (National) Council is now done with, 40+ Anglicans have been shipped across the country and back to attend... there are hand-written minutes to write from x3 meetings for which I find myself minutes secretary, actions items, 10+ letters to be written on behalf of various groups/people/bishops, now into the National Court with some other stuff, ausaid's year end is fast approaching - - and plenty, plenty more fun besides!

Anyhoo's - slack on the blog (but caring less and less) and up to date with the emails. I'm back visiting Oz (Melbourne + Syd briefly) in the 1st 2 weeks of July - hopefully catch some of you Ozzie-bound peoples then!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sealab 2021

Right. So I’d watched maybe one or two of these in the past at a close friend’s place. Now I’ve been given lots and lots and lots of the them by great mates in Goroka. For some reason I’ve avoided the TV for the past 3 weeks or so – but have watched 3 or 4 of these little 12 minute Sealab episodes… They are funny, funny stuff!

Trivia – What was that question?

The annual Soroptamist (argh – more sp questions) Lae Trivia night was held last Saturday night at the Lae international Haus-Win. A larger than life trivia night was had by all.

Some pics to follow – there was red wine, friends, fun and freak’in hard questions. I think I helped with about… 2 of them. As a piano played I was once again stumped by the question about the white keys on a standard piano (*cough*), though I’m sure I’ve had to say ‘dunno’ at at least 3 trivia nights in the past.

Our team was beaten by 2.5 points across 20-odd tables, and we won some very warm sleeping bags for everyone. But did most people care much about the result by the end of the night?? Nah… good times with good peoples. Bigger nights out with a good crowd can be hard to come by in Lae – this was one of them!

And thank god we had Roger on the table.

The little customs…

Today two of the mothers came to my door with some food (kukim bananas – (sp?), a hunk of pork and some fruits). I looked at them askance and said “thanks!, what’s that for?”.

The Mothers (senior women in the Mothers Union) explained that they were delivering the food on behalf of J who was stabbed last week. The family that has had some difficult times will normally get a large amount of food sometime afterwards. This will then be split up and distributed to those “who helped out/visited” during the tough times by some of the Mothers.

No idea if this is something Milne Bay (the wife), Oro (the husband), or just PNG. But I like the custom...